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Eddie Mendiola vs the Embankment

Camera: iPhone 5s, Canon T3i/Bower 8mm Fisheye

Eddie's off the injured list and catching kickflips like it ain't nobody's business.

EZ7 Weekend Montage

Camera: Canon T3i/Bower 8mm Fisheye

A montage of the clips I got Saturday at ez7 (4/19/14). All the clips are in the same order I filmed them.

Saturday at Southside Skatepark

Camera: Canon T3i, Canon HF M30

Most of the footage we got a few weekends ago. I only filmed about half of it. Featuring: Luis Castro, Eddie Mendiola, Curtis Arnold, Ryne Christesen, Preston Christesen and Quinn.

Second Try Sundays - Eddie Mendiola

Camera: iPhone 5s

Fuck a first try fridays.

Lee's Battle with a 4 Stair Hand Rail

Camera: A Crappy JVC

The day I skated the biggest hand rail in history.

Slow Mo at Ez7

Camera: iPhone 5s

Some shots I got with my 5s in 120 fps.

Late Night Box Session

Camera: Canon T3i

I recently picked up a Canon T3i and wanted to test 60p at night time. The video still looks smooth with a slow shutter (1/60). I'll try not to make too many slow motion videos. I know how that can be annoying.

Vogel Creek Park

Camera: iPhone 4s

So we went to go check out this somewhat new skatepark. It's small and compact, but it's decent enough for a fun session. Plus it's only 15 minutes from my house. All the clips were filmed within an hour or two. I already know the song has been used a few times already. Curt was actually talking about this song when we were skating so I decided to use it.

Preston Christesen at EZ7 #3

Camera:Canon T3i

Four clips I got of Preston in 720/60p. The ramped slow-mo's were done in FCP X. They came out better than I thought they would. Oh ,and he did the kickflip bs lip better, but I didn't get it. Oh well, I just wanted to film something. These clips more than likely won't be used for anything else.

Preston Christesen at EZ7 #2

Camera:Canon HF M30

I haven't filmed in a long time...and it shows. I had to edit this with windows live movie maker. So that sucked. I'm going to start filming more and hopefully get more clips of Preston.

Preston Christesen at EZ7

A few clips of Preston at the EZ7 skatepark. This was filmed with a Canon HV30 (the first two clips) and a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 15mm fisheye and a Rode Videomic.

iPhone Clips #2

Camera: iPhone 4s

This is probably one of my longer montages. I always try and keep them short and simple. This time I said screw it and left everything in (mostly). I'd like to think it makes a more enjoyable video.

iPhone Clips #1

Camera: iPhone 4

Here's all the clips I've got with my iPhone 4 over the last few weeks.

A Trip to Spring Texas

Camera: iPod Touch 4G

Eddie and Lee take a trip to Spring, Texas. We haven't skated in a while due to the cold weather and working full time jobs. Being an adult sucks. I recommend never growing up and skating all day.


Camera: iPod Touch 4G

Eddie and Luis at the Church.


Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Song: Nashville Angels - "I Fell In Love Again Last Night"

A short montage of us skating on August 21, 2010.

Ez7 Montage

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon HV30

Song: Commodores - "Easy"

I finally got around to making another montage. This is most of the clips I filmed in the past year or so at the ez7 skatepark. I had a lot more footage, but it was all filmed with a standard definition camcorder (dvx100b) so I couldn't mix it...

Man, I'm about to ill this shit.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 15mm Fisheye

For the lulz of course. Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 15mm fisheye and a Rode Videomic.

Panasonic HMC150 + Opteka 72mm 0.4X Fisheye

This is a test video with a Opteka 72mm 0.4X fisheye (with a spacer) on the Panasonic Hmc150.

Eddie Mendiola - "Sick Run"

Camera: Panasonic HMC150

It's a joke. He got the real run after that.

Curtis Arnold - "Fuck You."

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Why? Fuck you that's why.

Curtis Arnold - Varial Heelflip

I have no idea why we made this.

Jonathan Lopez - Twin Effect

This was made a few years ago. I never used it for anything.

Eddie Mendiola - Noseslide Heelflip Out

Eddie at the downtown skatepark. Filmed with an iPod nano.

Luis Castro - EZ7 Line

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 15mm Fsieheye

Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II with a Sennheiser MKE 400 mic.

Lee Bryant - 3/7/10

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Just messing around at Ez7.


Camera: Panasonic HMC150

Song: The Ritchie Family - "I'll Do My Best (For You Baby)"

I wanted to try something a little different.


Camera: iPod Nano 5G

A random video filmed with an iPod nano.

Ryan Gagliano at EZ7

Filmed with a 5D Mark II on 7/13/10.

Lee Bryant at EZ7

Camera: Canon HV30

Three quick clips of me skating. Eddie broke his board so I asked him to film this. He seems to be getting better at filming.

Blinded by the Light

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Song: Manfred Mann - "Blinded by the Light"

I made this to test out the low light footage from the Canon 5D Mark II. Everything was filmed with a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens at f/1.8. The shutter was set to 1/30 and the ISO was at 500. I think the footage came out really well for how dark it was. The skating is nothing special. We were just skating to make this test video.

Lee vs The Ledge

Song: Jackson 5 - "Blame it on the Boogie"

Here is a short montage of me skating for once. Everything was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II with the stock mic. The lens I used on the 5D was a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 with an adapter. I wish I could have got a few more tricks, but the Houston heat is too much at times.


We went to Little York skatepark and got a few clips. Filmed with a dvx100b and a century dvxmk2 fisheye. I used magic bullet for the colors.

On The Juice

A random video we decided to make for fun. By the way that was sweet tea in the Jack Daniels bottle.

Monstar 11/01/08

Just another day filming/skating. Nothing too serious. It was a fun day though.

3 Tricks in 60p

A slow mo test I made with Eddie. This was filmed with a Panasonic HMC150.

Southside Clips

A few clips at southside skatepark. Filmed with a Dvx100b and a dvx mk2 century fisheye. Skaters: Edward Sanchez and Luis Castro. I'm not sure of the other people.

A Game of Skate

Just a fun ol' game of skate. Not the best of filming. All the audio was from my new rode ntg-2. A great shotgun mic if you ask me.

Moe's Montage

Song: Four Tet – "As Serious as Your Life"

Moe doesn't skate nearly as much as he use to. I haven't filmed him in a long time. This was all filmed in about two hours. He's slowly getting his tricks back. The camera I used was a Canon HF10 with a 37mm century fisheye and a letus extreme adapter. The lens on the adapter was a Nikon 50mm f/1.8.

Luis Castro's Montage

Song: Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up

A short montage of the clips that I filmed of Luis during the last few months. All filmed with a Sony vx-1000, besides the front blunt kickflip out. That was filmed with a Canon HV20.

Eddie Mendiola's Montage

Song: Wu-Tang Clan - Winter Warz

Here are most of Eddie's newer clips into one montage. Everything was filmed with a Sony vx1000 + Century "death lens" mk1 fisheye. The other cameras that were used for this are are, Panasonic DVX100p (kickflip nosegrind) and a Canon HV20 (kickflip 5-0, nollie shove manny).

Eddie Mendiola - 3 Kickflip 5-0 Bails

I got more footage that day, but I'm saving it for a montage. On the last bail he hurt his wrist bad and called it a day.

Eddie Mendiola's Old Throwaway Footage

This is very old footage. Some clips go back to 2004. This was an extra on the Prologue DVD.

Jonathan Lopez's Old Throwaway Footage

This is very old footage. Some clips go back to 2004. This was an extra on the Prologue DVD.

Lee Bryant's Old Throwaway Footage

Like the other "throwaway" montages I made for the Prologue DVD these clips are old as balls.

Geronimo Vasquez's Old Throwaway Footage

This is very old footage. Some clips go back to 2004. This was an extra on the Prologue DVD.

Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark Grand Opening

Song: Elefant - "Uh Oh Hello"

I got there a little late and missed out on a lot of footage. Here are the clips I got.

Julio - Two Park Tricks

Two tricks by Julio at the downtown skatepark. Filmed with a Canon HF10 + Century 37mm fisheye.

Letus Extreme Test

I finally got it back from letus direct. It got messed up during the shipping process that's why it was in the shop. This is my first thing ever filmed with it. I used a Nikon 50mm f/1.8. The first shot was 1.8 and the rest was 2.8, I think. Filmed in 30p, the shutter was 1/120. This video is just a test to see if I could focus it right and just play around with it. It's some what a beast to film rolling long lens with. I used magic bullet for the colder colors and grain.

Eddie Mendiola - Nollie Big Heel

A quick clip of Eddie Mendiola doing a nollie big heel at the downtown skatepark. Filmed with a Canon hf10 with a opteka 0.3X 37mm fisheye.

Luis the Beast

Luis vs a 7 stair rail.

Throwaway Footage

Song: The Temptations - "Build Me Up Buttercup"

All the clips were filming with a crappy one chip Samsung camera. The quality sucks so I don't want to use any of the clips for my next video.

December 30, 2007

Song: The Temptations - "Get Ready"

So Julio and I checked out a 5 stair and he got a few tricks on it. Later that night Eddie skated a drop to bank. Fun times. All vx1000 mk1 footage with a bescor 50/100. I color corrected the footage for "warmer colors".

August 25, 2007

Just another day at the free park. Filmed with a Canon HV20. My bad for spelling Julio's name wrong. Its Bucio, not Buico.

May 23, 2007

Song: Aretha Franklin - "Mr. Big Stuff"

Details: Filmed with a crappy Samsung 1 chip. Canon hv20 coming soon... :)

Julio at park Deuce

Song: Elefant - "Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid"

Mr. Bucio at park 10 (deuce). I named it park deuce for no reason at all.

November 7th 2006

Song: Lil' Wayne - "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"

Just skating around with Moe and Oscar. This was the first time skating in a good while.

Chris John at Ez7

A short video I made of Chris John skating at ez7.

December 18th 2005

Song: The Doors - "Touch Me"

This was all filmed on December 18th 2005 apparently.


Song: Lil Keke ft. 8Ball - "Southside"

A few clips of us skating southside skatepark.

Slow Mo

Song: Norah Jones - "Don't know Why"

An old video I made. One of the first montages I edited. Nothing technically special about it. I liked how it came out for some reason though. Skaters in order: Jon, Lee, Moe, Jose, Oscar, Joaquin, Julio, Robert, Eddie.

The Love Video

Song: Captain and Tenille - "Love Will Keep Us Together"

Love is in the air.

Preview 6

Song: Stevie Wonder - "If You Really Love Me"

Originally this was made for the intro of the Prologue DVD, but I just ended up using it as a montage because the lack of videos on the site.

Preview 5

Song: The Doors - "People Are Strange"

This was one of my more popular videos on youtube for some reason. It has almost 7,000 views on there. Youtube made me delete the song, so watch it here and not on youtube.

Preview 4

Song: Shaka Khan - "Aint No Body"

Gotta love the 80s. This is one of the videos I made that I actually like. I don't know why. It just has a nice vibe to least to me.

Preview 3

Song: Placebo - "Every You Every Me", 8 Mile Road - Instrumental, Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean", Fat Joe - "Lean Back", Queen - "We Are The Champions"

I really didn't mean to make this for anyone or anything. I just made it for fun then uploaded on the site under the name "Preview 3". The editing is bad and the compression sucks. The songs are really cliche and have been used a million times. Haha, sorry. I was still very new to editing video.

Preview 2

Song: Young Buck - "Stomp"

The second preview. I also did this one in windows movie maker. Haha, I'm not going to lie the editing sucks.

Preview 1

Song: Paul Wall - "Step Yo Game Up"

Something I made a very long time ago. Is the filming bad? Yes! Does the editing suck? Damn right! I had to start somewhere. Have mercy on this montage. It was my first one.

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