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Time: 6:15

A story about Tommy (the tough guy) and his wise guy companions. Tommy is always drinking out the flask and banging people's mothers and wives. He's never been slapped and he's pretty sure he's going to live forever. Luis Castro playing as "Donnie the Douche", Alex Mendiola as "Baby Face Bambino", Eddie Mendiola as "Tommy the Tough Guy" and don't forget about you's truly, Lee Bryant as "Paulie the Punk".

Redneck Cop

Time: 2:00

Nothing gets by officer Redneck.

All By Myself

Time: 2:31

I always thought of making a video to this song. I wanted to make a funny video out of it, but decided to make a more serious video of myself instead. I still might make the funny one later on though. It's weird being the star of the video for once. Plus all the skating went down at 1 am. That was pretty sketchy. Filmed with a Canon T2i.

A Delirious Day

Time: 6:15

I filmed this about a year and a half ago. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to so I never completed it. I finally got around to finishing it and decided to post it. This is my first and only (as of now) "serious" short film I have ever made.

Busch Beer

Time: 2:55

Enough said.

Brown Dookie

Time: 1:54

Another short film that was improvised while we were filming it. This is the first short film I posted without booze in it. Don't get me wrong though, we were drinking before hand. Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II with a Rode Videomic.

The Bootinator 2

Time: 5:38

Once again the ol' gang ran out of suds and now stuck in soberville. To the rescue the Bootinator shows up and fills their barely buzzin' hearts with some sweet German nectar.

The Bootinator

Time: 4:06

The whole thing was improvised on the spot. The humor is definitely not for everyone. Either way it was a lot of fun making this.

Blue Eyes White Possum

Time: 6:49

Sometimes movies come out that change our lives and the way we think. This is definitely one of those movies. We filmed this for fun in one night. Basically everything was improvised on the spot. We were going to have Johnny Depp play as Steve, but he was already booked in till May. I think Cisco made a fine substitute though.

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