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A Day with an Ipod Nano 5G

Time: 3:34

Camera: iPod Nano 5G

All the clips were filmed with an iPod Nano 5G. The video effects were done within the nano.

My First Vlog

Time: 0:14

Camera:24 Inch iMac

A stab at modern trends. Oh, and no that's not my real voice.


Time: 1:48

Camera: Canon HF10

This was really funny in person. Yeah, he punched himself in the face.

Opteka 58/62/72mm Sunshade Removal

Time: 3:39

Camera: Canon HF10

I uploaded this to vimeo a while back. I figured I'd upload here too. Hopefully this helps some people.

Opteka 37mm Fisheye Box Opening

Time: 3:23

Camera: Canon HF10

It's a damn fine lens if you ask me. Oh, and no that's not my real voice. I was just having fun. I'm weird, I know.

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