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Time: 2:03

The intro montage from our Prologue video.

Ramos Brothers

Time: 2:14

Oscar's part. I wish he still skated.

Julio Bucio

Time: 1:56

The sunlight always makes Julio paranoid.


Time: 1:26

If Jose can't do it, no one can!

Robert Sotelo

Time: 2:51

Robert's part from the Prologue video. Robert is currently in Mexico. I'm not sure when it's coming back.

Middle Montage

Time: 2:09

The middle montage for the Prologue video.

Friends Montage

Time: 3:59

The friend's montage.

Geronimo Vasquez

Time: 2:41

Had to use a thug song for Moe's part. You already know!

Lee Bryant

Time: 6:01

My (Lee's) part. I forgot how long my part was.

Jonathan Lopez

Time: 5:57

Jon's part. He edited a lot of this himself actually.

Eddie Mendiola

Time: 6:23

Eddie's part. I gave him the last part because he has the most footage…and of course the best footage.


Time: 2:44

Love hurts.


Time: 4:51

The credits. Hopefully we can make a full video again.

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